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Current Issue's Features (Volume 14 Number 2, October 2014 - March 2015)

Does Green Hotel Image Influence Guests' Behavior: The Case of Generation .........

Protection of the environment has become a global issue which businesses can't overlook. In addition, generation Y (also called the Millennial Generation) is becoming a significant part of lodging consumer segment in the Unites States. Previous studies have indicated that current image of the industry influences future consumer behavior. The purpose of current paper was to analyze the determinants of green hotel image on word-of-mouth, and an impact of word-of-mouth on willingness to pay, and intentions to revisit in the context of Generation Y. A structural equation model (SEM) has been estimated. Findings support the hypothesis that image has effect on word-of-mouth and in turn, word-of-mouth influences willingness to pay and revisit intentions. In addition, theoretical and practical implications are also discussed.

Coustomer Response to Service Recovery in Online Shopping ..........

This paper investigates the impact of consumers' embedded cultural models on post-recovery satisfaction, loyalty and word-of-mouth (WOM). While consumer response to such failures has been extensively studied, empirical evidence regarding the role of consumers' embedded cultural model, beyond a small-scale qualitative study, is currently lacking in the literature. Furthermore, since service failure likely invokes a sense of injustice we also examined the influence of justice theory dimensions on post recovery satisfaction, loyalty and WOM. We proposed and tested a number of theoretical arguments regarding the main effects of the justice theory elements (distributive, procedural and interactional) and consumers' embedded cultural models (relational, oppositional and utilitarian) as well as the interaction effect between justice elements and cultural models. The results revealed significant relationships between relational and utilitarian cultural types and post recovery loyalty and WOM as well as strong support for the influence of distributive justice, procedural justice and interactional justice on post-recovery satisfaction, loyalty and WOM on an online setting. These findings have managerial implications for the way online retailers manage consumers' post-recovery satisfaction, loyalty and WOM. We hope the new theoretical insights by the interaction effects between justice theory elements and cultural types will guide future research in this area.

Satisfied and productive boundary spanners: a model of resiliency and customer expectations ............

Increasingly, marketing scholars are focusing on the emotional regulation of boundary spanners and its impact on their job-related behaviors and performance. Particularly, an individual's resiliency is a topic that needs urgent attention as boundary spanners are consistently exposed to ever-changing environments and frequently face the potential for failure due to the unique nature of their jobs. Heightened customer expectations is further increasing these job complexities. To enhance our understanding of resiliency, we use the theoretical lens of psychological capital to propose and test a model of how boundary spanner resiliency influences job performance and satisfaction. Our findings suggest that resiliency provides an individual with a feeling of personal optimism that can increase motivation control and reduce anxiety. Additionally, we also find that the effect of anxiety can be amplified by customer expectations, thus presenting a contingency or limitation for organizations operating within different customer contexts.

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