Author Shiri D. Vivek, Vivek Dalela, Abhijit M. Patwardhan
Publish October 2011 - March 2012
Title A Study of Service Ethnocentrism and its Relationship with Social Connectedness
Abstract This research reports the relationship of service ethnocentrism to two constructs representing social connectedness- susceptibility to interpersonal influence and allocentrism. Using the responses on a survey measuring the constructs, the hypothesized model was subjected to structural equation modeling. Based on the model, the study concludes that individual's susceptibility to interpersonal influence operates through service ethnocentrism to influence people's intent to choose a service provider of their own ethnic origin. However, contrary to previous findings in the literature on similar constructs (i.e. CET), allocentrism does not work on intent to choose a service provider of one's own ethnicity through service ethnocentrism. The paper also reports the preliminary attempts to develop a measure of Service Ethnocentrism.
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