Author A. M. Sakkthivel, B. Sriram
Publish October 2015 - March 2016
Title Investigating Personal and Socal Behavior Styles that Derive Happiness - An Empirical Investightion on the Leisure Behavior of Women from Islamic Region
Abstract The leisure behaviour of the people depends on various constraints and factors. The place, environment, ethnic background and interest plays vital role in leisure behaviour. The gender also has considerable impacts on these leisure behaviours. The leisure activities of the individuals depend on socio cultural impact on the gender. In this paper, we have discussed the various leisure activities that provide happiness for women in Middle East countries, in particular, in Sultanate of Oman. This study aims to identify and define various leisure activities that Omani women carry out during their personal and leisure time. The focus group included 212 Muslim women of all ages living in various Omani locations. The study revealed their personal and social leisure activities with an emphasis on those that provided the greatest amount of happiness for the participants. The results of the investigation indicate that traditional and family oriented activities ranked the highest for pleasure. Active or sports oriented activities received the lowest ranking. The Personal leisure activities have received the highest happiness ranking from the participants than the social leisure activities considered for this study.
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