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Current Issue's Features (Volume 13 Number 2, October 2013 - March 2014)

Developing patient satisfaction constr-uct for public and private health care .........

The study develops patient satisfaction construct for public and private health care sectors in Indian settings. The data were collected from 528 indoor patients who were seeking treatment from Government Medical College (GMC), Bakshi Nagar and Acharya Chandra Medical College and Hospital Sidra (ASCOMS), Sidra. These teaching and research hospitals are operating in Jammu City, India. Both, exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses are used to verify the scale dimensions. The results reveal patient satisfaction is a multidimensional construct comprising of four dimensions namely, physical maintenance, physician care, nursing care and internal facilities in both the sectors. Both the hypothesized models, model 1 depicting the impact of dimensions on satisfaction and model 2 depicting impact on both satisfaction and loyalty showed good fit for both the hospitals.

Exploring impact of technical and interpersonal aspects of the doctor on patient ..........

The study explores the technical and interpersonal factors related with a dentist which impact patient satisfaction in the context of a dental department of a multispecialty clinic in Dubai. The review of literature has indicated that dental care has been viewed as a multi dimensional concept. The study is an empirical work involving 100 patients in Dubai. The study explores the factors which contribute to patient satisfaction in the context of dental treatment. The Study specifically focuses on the technical and interpersonal aspect. The study suggests that technical expertise of the doctor, his competence and his ability to put the patient at ease have a greater impact on patient satisfaction. The study deploys correlation and factor analysis to explore and understand the impact of various variables on patient satisfaction.

Understanding apparel store image: A sca-le development approach ............

This paper explores various factors which affect consumer perception about apparel retail. The main objective of this paper was to develop and validate a Scale to measure consumer perceptions towards apparel store image in India. Based on a survey using structured questionnaire on a sample of 462 respondents in and around Hyderabad, Exploratory and Confirmatory factor analysis was employed to find out the Scale dimensions and to validate the same. The dimensions that emerged were People Factor, Merchandize, Physical Evidence, Convenience, Promotions and Brand. The scale dimensions were found to have a significant effect on outcome variables visit frequency and customer satisfaction. The major contribution of the study was to come up with a reliable and valid scale to measure the dimensions of apparel retail store image (ASI). The findings of the study supported the literature in many aspects. A major implication from the findings for the managers is that study generated a tool to measure store image for an apparel retailer. The study is unique in Indian context. In the international context the study contributes by creating a new scale to measure apparel store image.

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