Service quality has become one of the “critical success factors” in the growth and profitability of companies in the services industry.  Globally there is a growing desire for new knowledge and skills necessary for sustainability of businesses in the services sector. There is a need to re-examine the concept of service quality in all aspects of the services business, including operations, organizational behavior, marketing, technology, education, finance, and accounting.  Internationally, this requires strategies addressing cultural and socio-economic complexities. Therefore, service quality needs to be studied not only in the various functional areas in the services sector, but also linked to the local context. This conference attempts to explore recent research that explains the dynamics of service quality and develops strategies to deliver quality service in this industry. The emergence of business potential in new and dynamic economies in areas such as China, India, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East has led to the need for research studies of the influence of these economies and cultures on the concept of service quality.  This conference is a forum for sharing the latest findings and also to afford the opportunity for new initiatives and partnerships for continued study of service quality in the services industry.

       Track I: Operational Strategies for Delivering Service Quality  

       Track II: The Relationship of Human Resources Practices to Service

       Track III: Marketing Research in Service Quality  

       Track IV: Accounting and Financial Policies and Issues and Their Effect on
                       Service Quality


       Track V: Emergence of New Technologies and Information Systems in
                      the Services Sector That Affect the Delivery of Service Quality

       Track VI: Education Practices for Learning Service Quality 

       Track VII: Graduate Student Papers on Topics of Service Quality