The 4th International Conference on Services Management will address cultural and socio-economic complexities of internationalization of service organizations and their social responsibilities to different stakeholder groups. The conference will provide you with an opportunity to illuminate the challenges services organizations face globally and also a chance to discuss the options that they may consider as part of their strategies.

This conference is a forum for sharing knowledge about the practices of the organizations in dynamic economies of different contents including Europe, Middle East, America, Australia and Asia. The conference will incorporate both conceptual and empirical research papers that link knowledge to different country contexts and thus enables both academics and practitioners to understand the influences of socio-cultural issues on services internationalization, branding and social responsibility practices. Papers incorporating comparisons of sectors or types of service firms are particularly welcome. Case studies may be drawn from different sectors, for example, knowledge-based business services healthcare and educational services, hotels, airlines, tour operators, fast food, banking and financial services, as well as retailing and may focus on different geographical regions.

We hope you will participate in stimulating and thought-provoking sessions, enjoy the lively social events and develop research networks during the conference. We look forward to seeing you in Oxford, the historic centre of education and culture, in May 2009.


Papers from the following areas and other relevant subject areas are welcome: